George Kambadais
I’m a freelance comic artist and illustrator and co-creator of "The Double Life Of Miranda Turner". I've worked with DC comics, Image, IDW , Arcana Comics and others. For more, check the “projects” section. You'll also find a couple of my fan fiction comics there. I’m open for commissions, contact me at:

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Just finished The Double Life of Miranda Turner #2 cover. Second issue is done and it’ll be available early December. If you liked the first issue, you’ll love the second. Also check these great reviews of the first issue. And we have a new member on the team, the super talented Paulina Ganucheau!! The cover is based on this Topper movie poster:

If you haven’t watched this movie, find it and see it(i think you’ll be able to find it in youtube). It’s a fun movie!

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    So overwhelmed with joy about this cover. Topper!
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